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The company was established in 1981 and immediately took its place in the medium-light structural steel fabrication sector, standing out as subcontracting centre specialized in sheet metal processing.

The company is extremely market-oriented and always pays great attention to the development of new technologies; it was one of the first to use plasma cutting (hence its name), followed by laser cutting.

Metalplasma's equipment currently includes some of the most modern machinery, with robotic workstations in every stage of the process (cutting, bending, welding).

To enable it to expand its range of machining processes also to the medium-heavy structural steel sector, in 2008 Metalplasma acquired Europrofilam, a company that since 1973 has been specializing in the fabrication of sheet metal of up to 30 mm in thickness.

Today Metalplasma boasts a flexible organization, extremely dynamic and with high performance targeted at offering an outsourcing service to an increasing number of companies looking for reliable partners to obtain success on the market. Therefore, our work does not stop at the normal stages of the machining cycle (cutting, bending and welding) but continues with product integration (painting, assembly of hydraulic/electrical components, etc.) aimed at producing complete semi-finished products.

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